Actors become super isolated. Again, I’m not fucking complaining about it. But you have a very unique perspective on things because people don’t talk to you. They feel like they can’t come up and say, ‘Hi.’ Suddenly you’re incredibly lonely. So people hire friends for these jobs, and then the lines get blurred. They’re your co-worker, your employee, your associate, your friend, your mom sometimes.
— New Kristen Interview with Indiewire (via heartkbitch)
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Kristen being extra cute. On set interview (2008)

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"I’m fairly domestic. I really like to cook and stay home a lot. I probably don’t seem like quite the Suzy Homemaker, but I’m good at it. Like, I can take care of a home. Like, uh… I can cook a meal, at least. (laughs).”

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  • Q: Is it also nice to be successful with one’s acting career? By earning 22 million dollars a year you are one of the best-paid actresses in Hollywood. Is money something that can make result in happiness?
  • Kristen Stewart: A lot has changed due to the success of Twilight. It made a lot possible. A couple of years ago, I bought my first house and I feel very grown up because of that. But after all the hype, I’d prefer working on smaller projects right now and to spend more time with my family, my friends, and my dogs. That’s what really makes me happy. We rescued the three dogs, Bear, Bernie, and Bailey, from a shelter. They are like my best friends, my children. I’d do everything for them.
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"It’s a risk. I like taking risks." (x)

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I was excited to play somebody who was standing up to something much larger than herself and sort of very unselfishly wanted to be better and do something worthwhile and ‘good’, and then sort of gets it all shoved back in her face, and doesn’t like question everything but just sort of has like a really eye-opening and like cathartic experience that she did not expect. She thought you know, somebody who has everything mapped out, totally in control, everything is just like.. she is like pragmatic to a fault, and then suddenly sort of loses all of that footing where she thought she was going to find it.
— Kristen Stewart on what was appealing to her about her role in Camp X-Ray (via heartkbitch)
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Happy 23rd Birthday, Kristen! It’s kinda a relief. You know, milestones: eighteen, twenty-one. It’s always such a big deal - I don’t like me-parties too much. So, I like when it’s not a big deal birthday. I went bowling for my 22nd - Really cool.

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